कृपया श्वित्र में चिकित्सा अनुभव बतायें। धन्यवाद 🙏



Shvitra or Vitiligo or Leucoderma can be treated by certain herbs..Shvitrahara kashay having Bakuchi,haridra,and Shvitrahara Lepas on patches ..Hartal or Arsenic in form of Mallsindoorand Tallkeshear ras is helpful..Bakuchi ointment for local Application.. Apamarg khsar and Chakramadi kwath is also beneficial.. Tryodasshang guggal..can b used

Very perfect Rx Dr.

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First line of treatment will be sodhana chikitsa. Samana chikitsa according to the prakiti of the patient. Local application of Bakuchi tailam with sun exposure will be helpful. Some antistress treatment is also require and most important part pathya apathy guidance and nidana parivarjanam.

first do shoddan .... 1 katgular+Bakuchi+ chitraka  ...Lepa  on patches. 2Talkeswar  ras+. Ganfdhak rasayan+ swarnamakshik + Giloy sat.. 3.Panchnimba vati 4. khadirarista + Mahamanjisthadi kwatha...

Shashilekha vati 1 tds Svayambhuva guggulu 1 tds Bakuchi taila local application and 5 ml internally with hot water Lukoskin syrup 2 tsp bd Lukoskin ointment application

Papaya apples bananas,green leafy vegetables,roots, sunscreen,water, chickpeas,...cold pressed coconut oil massage and in naval lime juice alkaline diet

Take Tab melnosyl 3 days once ((Take Tablets@ 10 Am and sit infront of sun for 15 minutes by showing white patches)) Elicon cream L/A Twice in a day

Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Leucoderma, Rx Arsenic Sulph Flab 3X up to 200X. External Oil Buchi O, is Best.

Arsenicum sulphuratum 10M /a single dose may sow a miracle .... !!

Arsenic sulph flav 3x Hydrocotyle Q Oint Ammi Visnega

Ars. Alb 200 Ars sulph flavum 6x

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