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A 64-year-old patient presented with a state of nausea, frequent belching, foul breath, subxiphoid pain. Normal stools, vomiting with morning food, undigested appearance. Past medical history: Classic cholecystectomy 20 years ago. Severe obesity, epigastric tumor mass. CT is attached below. Please interpret.

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Epigastric Hernia.. This type of hernia that causes fat to push through a weakened area in the walls of the abdomen. It may develop in the epigastrium (upper, central part of the abdomen). Epigastric hernias are more common in adults and usually appear above the umbilical region of the abdomen.
Epigastric Hernia Needs further investigation and evaluation to conclude and surgical intervention required.
Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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CT shows there is some thing protrusion in the parities in epigastric region suggestive of epigastric hernia
Epigastric herenia Hernorapphy
Ventral hernia at subxiphoid
Thanx dr Ashok Leel

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CT Findings are consistent with Epigastric Ventral Obstructed Hernia. Part of the stomach is herniated out. Correlating history Paramedian, Obstructed, incisional, Ventral Hernia
epigastric hernia this is how it looks, thanks for sharing the ct interpretation and case allows us to refer appropriately for surgical intervention.
Epigastric hernia ? Obstruction ? Strangulation Surgical opinion
Epigastric hernia. Need. Curgical treatment
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