Right upper lobe lung mass Ca Lung with lung mets liver mets

Old Male complaining of cough dyspnoea and weight loss Diagnosis



Bilateral minute hard compact nodular opacities And Mass lesion rt para tracheal region 1 Lymphangitis carcinomatosis Silicosis Milliary tb Pneumoconiosis
This is Lymphangitis Carcinomatosis. Pneumoconiosis or Silicotic Nodules coalasence do rarely form mass but firstly they are usually bilateral, and don't involve Mediastinum. With the Mass Lesion Milliary Tuberculosis is out of question.
Most likely CA lung rt with lymphangitis carcinomatosis , need fiber-optic bronchoscopy,BAL for confirmation of diagnosis
Bronchogenic CA Right, with Extensive bilateral Milliary Metastases. Now with CT available even Hepatic Mets are there.
Miliary mottling withRtLymphadenopathy. Rule out TB. Pneumoconiosis, Amyloidosis, Sarcoidosis. Secondaries.
Bronchogenic carcinoma right with milliary metastasis to both lungs.
Military tb bronchogenic ca with miliary metastasis
Rt upper lobe mass with hematogenous spread.
Lung mass with lymphangitis carcinomatosa.
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Military mottling noted in both lung fields with mass lesion in right hilar and right upper zone suggest Bronchogenic carcinoma with milliary secondaries (lymphangitic)
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