pt is aged 80 years a k/c/o APD with white coated tongue Drs please D/D of this case

Fissured tongue With candidal thrush
Fissured tongue with candidiasis advise him tongue cleaner and candid gum paint.... check for any altered sensation over the tongue
Candidiosis. Poor oral hygiene. Mouth rinses and oral hygiene instructions. Candid topical lotion.
Fisured tounge.maintain oral hygiene, antibiotics for candid infections, Multivitamins.
Hyperplastic filliform papillae. Ask pt to clean tongue. It ll go away
Clean tongue first Nd use candid mouth paint for candidiasis
Geographic tongue?,Oral thrush?
Sorry sir it is not a geographic tongue becose it has map like with area of well defined margin. . With devoid of filiform papillae... it is fissured tongue/ scrotal tongue with ? Candid infection

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Hairy tongue with fissures.
Candid infection ?
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