3.5y/M w crushed injury of index finger 9 days ago treated somewhere now came to me what to do?

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Open reduction K wire fixation Remove excess granulation tissue Plan secondary closure Remove k wires at three weeks
Needs K wiring.
Though it may not be confirmed without a proper oblique view or a concentrated view of finger .. it looks like a lateral dislocation of PIP joint... With open wound being there it need thorough debridement followed by closed if not possible open reduction and fixation with tranarticular k wire.. the risk of physeal damage, osteomyelitis and stiffness to be explained to child's care takers and to make them aware of prognosis
Open reduction asap to bring the epiphysis in allignment, open reduction with utmost care to reposit n maintain the epiphysis in its place , immobilize with pop cast or slab. Or continuous traction with k wire thru distal end of middle phallanx....
ORIF with k wire. Debride the wound. Then plan secondary clousure. remove k wire at 3to 4 wks.
Close reduction with k wire and remove excess granulation tissue.