male patient age 20 suffering from acne from 8-9 months, no other history, slightly itching present , suggest remedy???


FOCUS ON MIND and GUT properly . YOU WILL GET REMEDY. TREATMENT DEPENDS UPON HIS LIFE STYLE AND ENTIRE SYMPTOMATOLOGY. . Think of sulphur,Kali brom,graphitis,silicea on the totality. . Berberis Aqui Q locally at night is excellent in this CASES.
Calc picreta-3x kali Brom - 30 helpful medicine. Berberis Aquifolium Q External use Effected area.
@Dr. Ashish Kedawat is acne vulgaris....we can treat this disease in two is topical and another is systemic.... Topically we can give erythromycin in the combination of benzyl peroxide or retnoids.... Systemically we can give oral antimicrobials like tetracycline,etc. Or we can go for leech therapy acording to Ayurveda....
This is a severe form of yavana pidaka ,so in this condition first shodhana should be done either leech therapy or virechana atleast should be then followed with raktha shodhaka kashaya should be given then externally kunkumadi lepa can be given and advise hot spicy fried food
Not to be takem

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First clear constipation then go for treatment in unani is ithrifal shahethra 5 gms bd before food morning and evening and sharbath e mussafi e khoon 25ml with water bd and for local application kaali zeeri paste On acne and wash after it dries daily once.
It's not a acne vulgaris. It is a soriasis. Treat with anti psoriasis treatment. Permethrin soap for washing. Scabex lotion for applications and scabex s ointment for applications. Tab. Alerid 10 mg bd for 10days Tab. Azee 500 mg night od for 7 days
Psoriasis?????? Symptoms????? What is role permethin, and scabex ,in psoriasis???

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After analyzing the patient plan a virechana. Post parihara kala raktamokshana with jalauka or siravyadha at bahu considering the Bala of the patient. Later with diet and exercise.
crops of boils. and B/L symetrical on face arnica 30 tds... will improve a lot with giving constituonal.. sulphur or syphi syphi also cm in cmplain b/l symetrical
NODULOCYSTIC ACNE Totality -diet dandruff diabetes sexual orientation preference perversion...nightwatching high life erratic lifestyle
Nodular acne vulgaris cap isotretinoin20 mg bd, tab Azithromicin 250 mg bd,acne aid face wash, oint-adapalene+clindamycin, apply locally
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