A 55 year old female presented with end stage renal disease presented to discuss her candidacy for a kidney transplant. A AP chest radiograph is given below. Share your opinion.


Old healed calcified bi leteral axillary lymph nodes On left these shadows are superimposing lung area also But there are two old healed calcified spots which seem to be in left lung Lateral view or ct will tell whether these are in lungs or again just superimposing on lung view Whatever may be the ct report these old shadows are not contraindication to renal transplant .....but pt should be reevaluated for kidney failure from tubercular kidney disease
Dgx is old healed b/l tubercular axillary lymphnodes with ??????/old calcified tb spots in left lung (as these may also be extra pulmonary
Old ptb, dystrophic calcification seen. Asses activity of disease process, sputum afb zn stain, led fm, hcrt chest
Old healed calcified lesion in axillary areas which superimposing over lung fields
Bil. Calcified lymhnodes axilla./cysticercosis.
Bilateral calcified lymph nodes
Bilateral calcified lymph nodes
There is many change in this xary . 1 hyperinflation of lung on either side of upper side of lung field 2 assymetry of rib 3 bronchovascular marking more prominent in right hilar region 4 calcific lymph node lesion 5 vertible column not in central
Left lung calcifications along with bilateral axial lobulated linear calcifications Could be due old Koch's Activity to be assessed
Bilateral axillary calcified nodes with associated bilateral hilar calcified node.?tubercular
Rule out tuberculosis...I would not suggest renal transplant at this stage....
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