Chief complaint of the patient: I have severe spontaneous pain on my tooth .. pointed to #48 History of chief complaint: It started last week He took ibuprofen to control the pain Medical history: not aware of any medical problems Diagnosis: symptomatic irreversible pulpitis with symptomatic apical periodontitis Treatment plan: RCT Tx done Local anesthetic, Rubber dam, pulpectomy, cleaning & shaping using protaper universal, then in the next visit obturation by warm vertical technique. 2 mesial canals were joined. Your comment is valuable for me, Thank you all.


Amazing work Thanks for sharing
Work of art Dr. Tahtam Next step : Post and core then crown
Wow , you are so brave to do rct for third molar. I have a question , what are you planning to do for this tooth after rct ?
Well, My plan is just to do the build-up only as there is NO heavy load on that tooth, Thanks
What a case! Nice job
Good job doctor but i have question do we have opposing #18? Because in these case we go for extraction thank you
Yes there is opposing #18 .. Thanks
- Impressive and conservative management .. I bet the patient was cooperative and has huge mouth opening wich is crucial in such cases - Good work dr.abdulaziz
Sure , The mouth opening was enough to work nicly with files.
This is remarkable Dr. Abdulaziz. Coronal seal is needed . It's quiet challenging case .. Well done
Sur doc. Thanks
Too nice doc
Nice !
Thank you my friend :)
Remarkable work doc. However, I'd like to know why didn't you go for extraction?
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