Patient presenting with high grade fever , vomiting . episodes of seizures on examination he has papilloedema and CSF examination revealed pleocytosis protein 0.7g/L lymphocytosis what is most likely the diagnosis and Rx?


Herpes Simplex Encephalitis.
Herpes simplex encephalitis mri brain -it s/o classical temporal lobe with hippocampus and lt.insular cortex involvement. with focal edema we have to start acyclovir 10 mg /kg / day antiepileptic drug for gud seizure control
Start injection acyclovir and do hsv pcr. most likely herpes encephalitis.
It's a sure case of Herpes Simplex Encephalitis.
Annerism of cranial vessels .
Agree parvez sir
Tubercular meningitis Tab Valproic acid OD 500 HS ATT as per norms IV manitol slow Methylprednisolone 500 IV IV diazepam IV tab Paracetamol SOS cold sponging when temperature rises IV fluids Pantaprazole + inj domperidone IV complete bed rest hospitalization in the beginning Rx ATT tab Pantaprazole + domperidone OD Tab Paracetamol SOS Tab Carbamezapine 600 mg od Tab Multivitamins OD
Before starting ATT we should confirn TBM by CB-NAAT of CSF in two hours

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Acyclovir in a dose of 30mg/kg should be initiated immediately as the diagnosis of Herpex Simplex Encephalitis is made and should be continued thrice dialy along with Steroids and Mannitol..
No any H/o nuchal rigidity No H/o cough with expectoration wt loss contact with TB patient
kindly provide duration of illness,CNS examination and full csf report
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