28 yrs male, oral lesion for 2months.Biopsy done. Give your diagnosis.


- Well Circumscribed Lesion - Nests and Sheets of Plump Spindle Shaped Cells To Plasmacytoid in Morphology ; Minimal Atypia - No Necrosis or Mitoses Impression - Myoepithelioma Dd Basal Cell Adenoma
Myoepithelioma- Plasmacytoid type, arising from minor salivary glands of oral cavity.
Palate is the mist common site for minor gland mixed tumors accounting 50-60%.
See, there is a difference in most common site of mixed tumors (PA) in MINOR SALIVARY glands vs most common site of PA in general(90% in parotid,then in submendibular almost the rest of 10%)...... Yes PA represents 50% of salivary glad tumors of palat.......but niether its common in palat nor the histo picture suggest one.... Hope u got my point ;)
Pleomorphic adenoma minor salivary gland
How often u see PA in minor salivary gland?

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Myoepitheioma of minor salivary gland
Myoepithelioma plasmacytoid
Monomorphic adenoma
Picture not clear
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