dr parasite has entered my brain .... they are too many .. running walking moving here n there in the brain ... i can feel it ..... see here - there -...................... patient is hitting hard on the head ,..... most of the time ................ because of this feeling he is not able to sleep for last 1 month ........n he is sure they are there .... when the doctor countered .. i can not see the worms walking or crawling any where ....... so he answered nobody can see ... i only cannot see .. but i can feel it ... is is biting also ... is is standing upisde down n he points out ..the area ....it is increasing day by day /... & s ome time whole body is afffected by it - i keep on hitting ... all over body .... & the family reported the same ......... dr some time ... they come in thousands from mouth nose ear n eyes ... & i have killed thousands ... but they are not visible ...... so presence of worms walking n moving .. in real absence ... is a belief & that too is false belief .... which a patient harbor with clear intelligence ..... but with absent insight ... inspite of so many teaching n preaching ..... he is unable to take it out f rom the mind ............. called fixed unshakable belief ... in psychiatry it is called delusion of parasitosis .. or MOrgellions disease ...... the best t reatment is pimozide medicine .... to which patient respond very well ..... ( google it for more details ) how you have handled or t reated such patient when they come n ask for treatment ? to me i thought it might be interesting case to all of you .. so i shared new therapRTMS therapy works beautifully in such cases along with psychotherapy n supportive therapy /...... share your experience


Nice post sir..
A case of psychiatry,as it is not real, but you can feel it. Crawling in skin may be there in cocaine abuse. But if not this cause, it is psychiatry case.pls meet a psychiatrist nearby. IHBAS,AGRA, jamnagar mental hospital,CIP at kanke ranchi.
Dear Dr .... thanks ... I am senior psychiatrist for 30 yrs ... pl check before answering
The delusional parasitosis is also called EKBOM SYNDROME. Morgellon's Disease is the disease involving skin only i.e. patient feels that his skin is infested with bugs. But in EKBOM SYNDROME, any part of the body can be infested with parasites.
A diagnosis has to be established 1. Delusional disorder 2. Schizophrenia 3. Psychotic depression. Risperidone and aripiprazole have yielded good results for me. Thank u for sharing the info
Thanks Dr Garda ..

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Dear friend you can ask any thing nothing to need of refferal I am Ex Consultant Aiims new delhi...have lot of experience...Dr vinod sir also with us ...dont worry about psychiatry cases
This condition is called Ekbom syndrome. Though literature says Pimozide is first choice but I get excellent results with Olanzepine and for few days clonazepam
Persistant delusion disorder ...give him olanzapine 20 mg n ECT 7 to 10...will be improved 80 yo 90 % I have treated such type cases in Aiims new delhi
I don't treat such patient rather I refer the patient to a psychiatrist because you are the person to Treat him / her . Don't feel offended dr Goyal.
Thanks . I treated 55 cases n alll improved with new therapy ... thanks
Sir! What is the dose of Pimozide, to which your patients respond?
2 mg

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55 yr male ,no head injury,blood sugar is wnl

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