1yr10m old baby, perfectly healthy till 4 days ago when she developed fever; Almost continuous ranging from 100- 101°F, developed rt upper limb myoclonic jerks intermittently.on the 3rd day of fever developed generalised recurrent episode of generalised fits.Despite iv midaz the seizures were uncontrolled & hence transferred. Baby was intubated & ventilated getting brief duration GTCS wiyh intermittent myoclonic jerks.Exam showed spasticity both lower limbs with bilateral pyramidal signs.All blood work including vasculitis screening, autoimmune disease work up, CSf analysis including autoimmune encephalitis ,blood & urine for leukodysyrophy etc were -ve. MRI encloded. kindly give yr opinion


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Can be fever induced refractory epilepsy syndrome
Can be stroke or epileptic encephalopathies
Degenerative disorder
Viral etiology?
Ma'am what are the possibilities...Since all the blood work, csf analysis, and blood and urine analysis for the leukodystrophies are negative..Parainfectious myoclonic seizure and sepsis associated encephalopathy ....toxic leucoencephalopathy...
Tòxic/ septic/ Leukodystrophy all investigated All- ve
Globoid cell leukodystrophy / Metachromatic/ leukodystrophy Estimation of aryl sulfatase, galacto cerebrosidase. Please show details of MRI report, is there any chance of Cortical dysplasia associated.
All the above investigated.No cortical dysplasis
What was child's development prior to illness ? Is there any history of consanguinity ? Any previous sibling died / affected ? What is the head circumference ? Blood & CSF lactate level done ?
It looks to be pyrexial seizures and delay in controlling of fever lead to encephalopathy.Congratulations that fits are now controlled
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