Preventive measures for Covid-19 (Ministry of AYUSH)

Respected Vaidyas, All of the AYUSH fraternities aware about the fact that a video conference with the Prime Minister was hold on 30th March with 100 more reputed Vaidyas across the country. After several discussions, the AYUSH ministry put forth some suggestions which may be included in our daily life as a preventive measures. However, the Ministry doesn't claim any treatment of novel Covid-19 without any scientific evidence. These are very basic protocols which most of us already follow in the Hindu system of cooking. For example - 1. Drink Luke warm water 2. Use herbal tea 3. Regular use of herbs like Haldi, Jeera, Adrak, Dhaniya, Clove, Garlic etc. 4. Regular intake of Rasayanas which have beneficial effect on Respiratory system e.g. Chywanprash, Chitrak Haritaki Rasayan, Agasty Haritaki Rasayan etc. 5. Adoption of simple Yogasanas, Pranayam, Exercises (at least 30 minutes a day) 6. Nasya and Kabala, Gandusha 7. Steam inhalation instilled with Pudina / Ajwain etc. Kindly have a look on details. Regards, Vd. Niranjan. The link is provided below -

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Yes Sir in indian Civilization already we are Following These all Preventive measures.
Exactly Sir, It indicates somehow if we stick to our traditional foods and traditional way of eating, these practices may prevent us from many Agantuja Vyadhis.

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Dear Dr. Niranjan Ram Sir, Nice information.
After a longtime, I will join Curofy again Sir. Nice to hear your words after a long gap Sir.
Gud update
Thank you doctor
Yes true.. But it is to be recognized by authorities n implemented with validation..
Informative post
Informative post
Nice update dir
Nice post

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