Bifascicular block

A 32 years Male with Symptoms of anxiety and left sided chest pain off and on since last 2 months. Comments on ECG are welcomed

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Bifascicular block( RBBB plus LAFB) Bifascicular block is a sign of extensive conducting system disease, although the risk of progressing to complete heart block is thought to be relatively low  Main Causes of Bifascicular Block Ischaemic heart disease (40-60% cases) Hypertension (20-25%) Aortic stenosis Anterior MI (occurs in 5-7% of acute AMI) Primary degenerative disease of the conducting system (Lenegre’s / Lev’s disease) Congenital heart disease Hyperkalaemia (resolves with treatment)
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RBBB with LAFB with LAD nothing to do with cardiac chest pain ,I think pt doesn't have typical cardiac pain ,please think of his anxiety and treat according ,sir you are not mentioning his BP and other investigation like CXr and hemogram
All investigations are normal including B.P
Rbbb with lahb. With global st elevations alongwith pr depression ? Pericarditis
Sinus rhythm rbbb with left axis ie bifascicular block
rbbb with lab with global ST elevations along with predominant depression? Pericarditis.
LAD LAHB RBBB Fragmented qrs in inf leads Advise Echo,
fQRS is defined as R' or notching of R or S or more than one R' in contiguous leads in absence of BBB and QRS should be less than 80ms ,in presence of wide QRS >120 ms more than two notches in R or S of more than two contiguous leads are required to qualify for fragmented QRS ,if I am not wrong ,please help

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Ladies Rbbb Lafb Echo
Bifascicular block