chil 10 month meal child weight 2.6 kg 7 th month dilevari haveing head size is too small caring only not an activ child what is dx and pognosis is it microscfi


cerebral palsy wid micocephaly with FTT probable etiology could be prematurity related periventricular leucomalacia...
history of preterm delivery. apart from torch infections, mri brain should be done to see for periventricular leukomalacia or perinatal injury. treatment physiotherapy, stimulation and proper dietary supplementation. fundus examination. muscle relaxation can be achieved via drugs if tone increased.
do torch profile of mother and baby, mri brain of baby. if cause of cerebral palsy is perinatal insult, proper follow up of mother during pregnancy and preferably institutional delivery for care of child after birth can ensure normal baby. 1st identify the cause.
microCephaly...most probably d/t tORCH group infections but Toxoplasmosis cause Macrocephaly evaluate whether PDA d/t Rubella m/c cause is CMV.. if CT Scan show periventricular calcification,lissen cephaly t/t GANCYCLOVIR
Microcephaly. Rubella virus infection in pregnancy. CMV infection in pregnancy. Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy . Phenyntoin drug in pregnancy. All these are causes for microcephaly.
thanks for yous opinion problem is next pregnis for this coupl is possibl or not what is rx for healthy child
some neurodegenerative diseases..most likely cerebral palsy need full history n evaluation
Treatment of cerebral palsy is physical therapy & Stem cell therapy.
Zika virus infection.... Microcephaly..??? Give opinions.. Plz
Torch infection or zika virus infection in pregnancy
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