50yr/f,pain and swelling in both hand finger from 2yr.I m giving ciproflox500 bd,wysolone10mg OD,zerodol SP bd since 7 days.but improvement not seen.plz tell me the diagnosis and treatment.


Definitely, such cases should be reffered to consultants directly without wasting any time. U cant treat them in general practice. The language used by Dr Anil is very harsh and absolutely objectionable. Dr wat u know about Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic system and their syllabus. U just can't degrade the whole system without knowing any thing. It was wrong on his part but if u can't help it, at least dont abuse some one.
I agree with you

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History is important, either it is Scleroderma, leprosy, buerger disease, so tell the history
Kindly tell whether the patient is complaining of Raynaud's phenomenon.
Sir, Inv- H/o smoking Doppler to investigate the blood flow pattern Blood sugar levels X ray for osteolysis Skin biopsy DD- Carpal Tunnel syndrome ( bilateral) ( index and middle finger is more involved) Scleroderma Systemic Lupus erythematosis Hansen's in reaction TAO
Stupid ayurvedic and homeopaths dont know abc of dd and allopathy and treating everything symptomatically.They should refer to specialist before it is too late.This forum specialist should restrict to answer such practioners
Ya doctor you are right

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As there is pain leprosy remote possible. Reynolds deases possible
Acroosteolysis in scleroderma (??)
Its a case of leprosy.
@vasculogenic disorder
Renaud'd phenomenon.
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