What is the role of Homoeopathy in Hypertension?

With India facing the burden of chronic diseases, does Homoeopathy has solutions for it? How can homeopathy help in reducing the burden of Hypertension? Share your views Doctors



Every one is right on her or his own way... With the complet case taking u may find out the possible cause...which makes the condition worse...n our founder says that a well taken case is half cured....at list u can remove the cuase... Which can aggravate the complain...as per my experience... So many pt is come with this complain of HTN... .. Who has come with lots of problems in his or her life...they come to us with lots of tension worry anxiety about anything...(.we can clearly say that psycho somatic ) everybuddy has some problems n they all want to say something to someone....its internal desire u can say... N if we takes a mentals half things will relive automatically from his or her mind...if we Counsell them atleast they feel relax at some level... With the proper simmilimu....n with the help of auxilary mode of treatment we can... Relive the whole s/s ...n can reduce the hypertensive Pt's Ratio...even In sever cases along with the allo medicine our Rauwolfia Q works well...at least it can degrade the Ratio...
Nice explanation
Homoeopathy can help high blood pressure, determining it's cause through a holistic approach that looks to cure the individual as a whole. Moreover some lifestyle changes you can make to lower blood pressure and keep it down. ie, lose extra pounds and watch your waistline. Exercise regularly, Eat healthy diet. Reduce sodium in your diet?. Limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Quite smoking. Cut back on caffeine. REDUCE STRESS Lemon water is a good drink. Apple cedar vinager is also good. (But I don't know how much )
Yes of course , Homoeopathy can prevent or cure Hypertension. We know that the main factors of Hypertension lies in our life style. So first of all, we should go through the healthy lifestyle including healthy diet and exercise. Along with healthy lifestyle if we treat anyone with Constitutional homoeopathic treatment then it will help to prevent hypertension .
Thank you Dr. Pushker Mehra inviting me to join the discussion about the role of homoeopathy in treating hypertension. All we know that hypertension is a chronic disease. The role of homoeopathy in treating chronic disease is very effective.
First ...cast taking n analysis that it having any life style ...cause ...or stress induce ..or heridatery ...or other..as per every cause ..medicine is change ..n yes dafinately homoeopathy can prevent HT n cure in first n second level Ht .
The basic management of a hypertensive case lies in the lifestyle changes which the patient needs to follow, as far as treatment is concerned Idiopathic hypertension can be completely cured by Homoeopathy.
Homeopathy has an immense role in chronic diseases. Every type of chronic disease can be treated by homeopathy if selected through the law of similia. The burden of chronic diseases is increasing in the whole world & india is also facing it. Lifestyle changes with dietry modifications along with homeopathy is required for chronic disease treatment. The medicine must be a constitutional one to act deeply at the main cause for perfect cure. The demand for alternative treatment methods has been increasing now & the future is of Homeopathy for sure
Homoeopathy can easily help in controlling high blood pressure ...first of all rule out d cause by taking proper detailed case history ..no doubt hypertension is one d major lifestyle problem ..but stress is one of the major triggering factor of hypertension . Homoeopathy has a large variety of medicines n act well on diffrent mental states conditions .With the constitutional medicine u can easily control along with some management.
Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Homeopathy one Disease One Medicine No Allopathy Possible. Homeopathy Treatment Before Need Details Case History Syn & Symptom Observed After RX. Couse Hypertension: * Mental Tension. * Excessive Taken Sold. * Chronic Acidity Problem. * Economic Problem. * Night Hold. * Excessive Taken Alcohol. So Completely Case History Taken Treatment Hypertension Fully Cured.
Hypertension can be cured by homeopathy successfully, mostly hypertension occurs due to stress, initialyit becomes better by itself when patient comes out of stress,but it continues to stay if stress continues, then medication is required.in homeopathy if we prescribe similimum then outcome of disease occurs,like diarrhoea,fever,skin eruptions or any other problem on lower level, then the bp start improving
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