A 42 year female complaint of vertigo with headace alternate day ,full of abd. ,weakness ,pain in left lower leg no h/o HTN , DM , ASTHMA etc. H/o. fall down from bike before 8 year, she was not unconcious but vertigo at time , and after some time convulsion occurs . menses is irregular . plz suggest needful ct brain plan normal. Please sir Check........ CT Report:- Patient Name: Mrs. Geeta Chouhan    45Yrs/F               Date: 28/07/2017 Referring Dr. Vijay Chouhan Sir                                               SPIRAL CT SCAN OF THE BRAIN Serial axial plain and contrast sections of 5 & 10 mm slice thickness have been obtained from the base of skull to vertex The both cerebellar hemisphere and brain stem are normal in appearance.   The fourth ventricle is normal in size and location. Basal cisterns and C P angle are clear.   The supratentorial brain parenchyma is normal in density and appearance. There is no focal lesion or abnormal contrast enhancement seen.  The third and both lateral ventricles are normal in size and shape. The paranasal sinuses are clear. IMPRESSION: - CT brain with contrast is normal. A further follow up and clinical correlation is advised.   Dr. Ashok Tyagi Radiologist


Nat sul 10m one dose, wait for some time If needed repeat the higher potencies.
Arnica 1m weekly,nat SULPHUR 30 is helpful medicine
I've cured hundreds of such cases in my practice and never missed a single case. if cause is obvious and clear then just prescribe high to highest. Prescribe him Arnica 10M(single dose) then Nat sulph 10M after one week. you'll surely cure him. Ailments after injury- arnica Ailments after head injury- nat sulph
@Dr. Vijay Chouhan To detect root cause of convulsion along with vertigo require further investigations like MRI brain, EEG, blood for ABG , Na, K, Sugar. Consult with ENT Surgeon to detect ? Aural verigo & think about petit mal epilepsy due to H/O trauma.
1 tab sarpgandha vati one bd 2 Sahar rasayan kalp powder one tea spon two time daily with milk 3 sheikh Pachan churan one tea spon ate night with warm water 4 syp shankhpuspi 10 ml two time daily
It is the clear case of 1- compression at cervical spine Pls go through with M R I cervical spine If compression is severe the only treatment is surgery
Aswagandhadi ghrita smriti sagar Ra's two bid before food .Mentat tab with dasamoolarista bid.
Pls give stramonium 200 & nat mur 200 I/c iris v 30 every altternatr day
Sir ruleout cervical spondylisis Then treat thank u
Arnica 1M 1 dose. Take opinion of Neurophysician.
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