Webinar today on COVID 19 at 6.P.M - 7.P.M

A Webinar today on 13th April 2020 - 6 PM- 7 P.M Topic - Effect of co- morbid conditions in patients with COVID- 19;Implications for community health. FACULTIES- 1.PADAM SHRI- PROF. V.Mohan - chairman and chief diabetologist- Dt Mohan's Diabetes specialities centre- Chennai 2.PADAM SHRI- PROF. Dr C.Venkata S.Ram- Director- Apollo hospitals, Hyderabad 3.Dr H.K.Chopra,- - chief consultant cardiologist at Moolchand medicity Hospitals, Delhi. 4.PROF - Dr Brian pinto- Chief of cardiology- Holy family hospital, Bandra and Pioneer in trans angiography and angioplasty in India 5.Prof - Dr Saumitra Ray - - Director of invasive cardiology- AMRI Hospital, Kolkata


Link is on the screen - but actual live link if some one wants I can send on WhatsApp from my cell no 9419181040
I have tried , but could not get the link to join to webinar.

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