hi everyone..! this 50yr old lady presented to me with these lesion of 1yr duration.. she vehemently says no history of trauma/ injury...spontaneous onset and gradually progressing..Asymptomatic.. spontaneous appearance of indurated lesion over both arms.. no lymphadenopathy..On palpation,its keloidal in nature , not attached to underlying structures.. Differentials plz Can keloid occur spontaneous ly if it's keloid..watt are the other possibilities to b thought of... Kindly help @@Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad @@Dr. P.kishore Kumar



@ Dr.V.G., Benign proliferation of scar tissue with brownish firm NODULAR lesions with grotesque appearance confined on chest area with extension to right horizontally indicates CONTRACTURE type of KELOID.Here these lesions may be due to persistent contact with hooks of her jacket produce itching lead to desire to scratch and produce these lesions. The other possibilities are surgical cuts,Acne scars, Burns and scratching.
Thank u sir...Thank u very much
Large sternal keloids. Keloids do occur spontaneously. Deep fungal infection which can mimic keloids called keloidal blastomycosis or lobomycosis one of the differential of keloidal lesion commonly occurs in peripheral areas. This is a case of keloid. Silicone gel and sheets with inj. Triamcinolone intralesional.
Biopsy of the lesion should be done to confirm .
@Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad @Dr. P.kishore Kumar ...sirs kindly help in further evaluation
Why should the keloid enclose surrounding the left breast... Skin discoloration of the left breast... That's unusual... Spontaneous keloid is a condition which is rare which occurs without trauma.

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Brest lesion is fungating. True cut or incision biopsy of the lesion between the two brests. Mamography and us scan . Chest xray.
The arm lesions are keloid but not the brest lesion

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It's post surgical hypertrophy on the arms and keloid on the sternal area, treatment is ILS every 15 days , cryo with nitrogen
Theres no history of any sort of surgery..!
It is indeed keloids. Keloid formation is a tendency. They can sometimes come spontaneously
Only very few case reports of spontaneous keloids
It is keloid but it may forms in marjolins ulcer or varrucus carcinoma in long term
@Dr. Jojo V Joseph ...Sir your opinion plz..
Biopsy report need