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Helpless in lockdown. please help

58 year old male with stage 4 ca tongue. cancer was inoperable and he got 3 cycles of chemo and few days of radiation after which tumour bed bled and radiation was stopped. now pallative management is being done. the node in neck has now ulcerated please suggest a management fo this ulcer. in this lockdown, they are getting no help at all.



An advanced case of CA tongue. Even if there had been no Lockdown- nothing much could have been done as no further radiotherapy can be given and chemotherapy will not help much . Just symptomatic treatment is the answer .This is just another situation where medical treatment fails . Start with antibiotics. Pack the wound and suture the bleeder if possible,.Supplements with protein, Vitamin C , Zinc , B- complex can be given .Oral betadine mouth washes will help .Tab Ethamsylate 500 mg t.d.s for 5- 7 days can control bleeding
Thank you doctor

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In this case just packing can be done for bleeding and regular dressing. Active bleeder can be tied. Start with antibiotics and semi solid and liquid diet.
Thank you doctor
He passed away sometime back sir.