28 yrs/Male Markedly increased leucocyte count HB normal Mild Increase in Platelets......

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Thank you all Reported as Marked Leucocytosis Suggestive of Chronic Myeloproliferative Disorder Possibly CML-CP How ever Myeloid Leukaemoid Reaction can be a possibility Advised PH Chromosome/BCR-ABL fusion gene study...... It was showing leucoerythroblastic picture also...... Thank you all......
All four pics are of same field showing? basophil and left shift. Advice LAP score n if possible BCR ABL
Myeloid leukemoid reaction. To rule out CML by NAP/ BCR ABL
Rkn myeloid... Cml?
Leukomoid reaction
Sir Marked Leucocytosis Myelocyte meta bulges basophils leucoerythroblastic picture All are in favour of CML - CP There were no toxic changes But no Splenomegaly

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Suggestive of CML
most likely CML
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