Rhinits that not stopped some days

A 28 yeras make infected to rhinits 4'5 days with some cough his Aec feels incresed plz sugeest treat ment for this


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Get cbc aec done and if that os so put him on hetrazan along with antiallergics like fexofenadine180mg+monteleukast 10mg for long term and short course of antibiotics like azithromycin500mg or clindamycin 300mg 1bd for 5 to 7 days
I agree

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Antibiotics like Roxithromycm, Anttiallergic like Montina L(Livoctrzn+montolucst) tab-Hetrazan, Antirhinitic like, Loratidine,& PCM, Sos for couching Rapitus (cipla) all in proper dose will suffice
Put him on Roxid 150 mg bd Tab Levocet Tab Hetrazan
To be Treated as common cold with steam inhalation, antihistamines, mucolytes, salt water gargling, hot drinks, and rest . If symptoms worsen , add antibiotics . Take history of travel, contact with COVID 19 exposure, health care workers . If positive isolate them . Covid test may be done , admission may be required if SOB develops.
@Dr. Jas Brar It is Eosinophilis . Tab DEC (Hetrazine) 100mg TDS.
For 3 months, after 1 month dose is to be rexuced to 75mg