1.5 yr child.....TLC....15000. neutrophil...45 : lymphocyte. 45. ....eosonophil....04 mono...06 platelets....11 lakhs....comment


RBCs- Hypochromic microcytic - Anisopoikilocytosis(+) WBCs- Leucocytosis with Reactive Lymphocytes *Plts- Increased *( May be due to nuclear degradation / false detection of CBC analyser ) -However, clinical evaluation of the disease process, ,BT,CT,Coagulation profile,Peripheral smear study,BMstudy (if needed) ro be carried for further management of the case. - Kindly repeat after a course of symptomatic management. *Conditions of increased Plt count - Myeloproliferative disorder -Infections - Iron Deficiency Anemia -Not having a spleen. -Inflammatory conditions-Rheumatologic disorders,IBD,Vasculitides - Mixed Cryoglobulinemia - Hemolytic anemia - *Malignancy- (Paraneoplastic thrombocytosis)- Rare in this case. *Ca. LIiver,lung,ovary,colorectum * CML

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The smear shows microcytic hypochromic rbcs, some target cells, pencil cells and elliptocytes are seen.. Microcytic hypochromic anaemia, with reactive thrombocytosis

Lymphocytosis Thrombocytosis.. probably reactive. Mild anisopoikilocytosis.. hypochromia..OCC microcytes and few target cells. Dug. CLINICAL CORRELATION Bone marrow study

Sir platelets.,.11 lakh

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Microcytic hypochtomic ? Iron deficiency anemia Thrombocytosis is very commen in it D/d septicemia Adv : iron study

? Iron def Anaemia.Thrombocytosis/?Reactive.

Microcytic hypochromic anaemia possibly iron deficiency anaemia with reactive thrombocytosis. Microcytes may be falsely counted as platelets on automated cell counters giving elevated platelet counts ) . Please confirm the same with the peripheral smear review.

Microcytic hypochromic anemia.thrombocytosis is common in IDA.Test to follow:serum iron studies & retic count


Agree. Thanks

Lymphocytosis Thrombocytosis Hemolytic anemia

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