1. Chroinc Gralomatous Plaque with areas of healled scars .... LUPUS Vulgaris.. Extrapulmonary Cutaneous secondary Tuberculosis.2.Granulomatous hypopigmented hypoaesthetic patch with underlying nerve either entering nerve or leaving the patch or anyother trunkal nerves thickening or tender present..AFB for acid fast bacilli of Leprosy .. negative.,... TUBERCULOID LEPROSY.3..Too much scratching of xerotic skin leaving hemarrhagic scratch mark.4 .Herald Patch of Pityriasis Roseae.5.Extensive Nonkeratolytic Pityriasis Versicolor on back of trunk ...on Methotrexate and Steroids for Rheumatoid arthritis of 10 yrs duration.6 . Rheumatoid nodules near smaller joints of hand.., Chroinc synovial thickening . spottores in dermatoloy for PGs .. postgraduate teaching.

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Juvenile plantar PSORIASIS.

Planter psoriasis

7.Juvenile Plantar Psorasis in 4 yrs boy .

Plantar Psoriasis. ?

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