1 day old baby born by nvd presented with h/o perinatal asphyxia and inability to move right upper limb .



Rule out erbs palsy , fracture clavicle , intracranial hemorrhage.. chest x-ray and NSG would help

Sir how do u counsel the parents regarding erbs palsy . Please discuss the treatment .

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Rule out Erb palsy.#clavicle. UC Hemorrhage.

Posture looks like Erbs palsy only. Look for reflexes to suggest lower motor neuron leison. Many time pediatrician miss lower limb weakness associated with UMN signs. Better to get x-ray for shoulder to rule out fractures. Will suggest steroids for two weeks low dose taking care of infection. Physiotherapy after one week.

Erbs palsy

It is a case of erb's palsy

Cervical plexus rt. Injury with phrenic nerve involvement. Examine vocal cords for palsy. Pulmo n ologist opinion.

Erabs palsy

Get X-ray Rt shoulder with clavicle.. Look for distal weakness to rule out complete brachial plexus injury...

Can be erbs palsy, please provide weight of the baby whether our. Go for x_ray, ideal will be Mri head to r/O damage by perinatal asphyxia. But as sedation will be a risk, go for NCCT head also to see the damage caused by the perinatal birth asphyxia

Birth trauma.commenest erbs palsy

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