1 HbSAg +ve PNC mother having mastitis n sore nipple of one breast. i hv started treatment along with manual expression of milk from affectd breast. my querry is whether to continue breast feeding from affected side or nt as blood is oozing during suckling. plz guide.



feeding nt adviseable give pyrogen 1m one dose dr

No breast feeding Manual milk extraction Cause mostly MRSA Use higher antibiotic like linizolid

Which antibiotic u started?

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please ask mother to do manual extraction of milk vth breastpump every hrly no feeding from affected side apply nip heal cream vth a course of Antibiotics.

Time being stop feeding till correction of mastitis.can start after inf treated

Feeding should be stopped but manual extraction of milk is must for healing

Agree with your opinion Dr. Pandey sir.....

stop feeding. expression of milk through pumps. for sore nipples lanolin cream may be used.

Stop feeding from breast directly. can fed from other side Use breast pump, fed vth expressed milk Nipple shield cn b used Antibiotics- Amox+ Diclox bd 7-10 days, Chymoral plus tab. bd, Nipcare / placentrex cream Breast support, plenty of oral fluids If abscess - I/D, pus c/ s n Tt

You should avoid the affected breast because the child wil keep sucking the toxins and the healing process is hampered.....*Manual expression of milk is the only option...

feeding should not be continued as there is chance of disease transmission to baby

no breast feeding express breast milk

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