Abnormal movement in children

1 month baby having these abnormal movement. Birth was UNEVENTFUL. Baby is playful and taking feed well. Is it JITTERYNESS or Seizure??



problem is parents wont b happy with the diagnosis of jitteriness . though movement are of high amplitude n rapid in favour of jitteriness . birth history is erratic in these cases . as the parents are not present in the delivery room . is the baby gaining weight properly n maintaining vitals. do random blood sugar serum electrolytes cbc crp usg cranium .

If parents wont agree, would you suggest treating these movements?

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It maybe?? Bn.Myoclonic jerks, /myoclonic epilepsy/ It maybe due to Brain injury/ neurogenerative disorder/ metabolic disorder/ Benign

The best way to ascertain is to press the limb. If movements persist with increase in tone - its abnormal. If movement disappear, then thats benign movements. Look for any history, examination suggestive of hypoglycemia, sepsis, HIE etc which are treatable causes. I feel these are benign jitters, as baby is otherwise well, movements increasing in certain posture and disappear in other. Send investigations for Blo9d glucose, ionised calcium and magnesium to rule out treatable causes. If everything is normal then counsel parents that this is normal and should disappear in few months. Good luck.

Thank you Dr Vishal

Yes movements are jittery and not covulsions Most likely hypocalcemia or hypoglycemia

Many times it's none specific but get done MRI brain,B6,12and D3 level

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