1 month old child with swelling over rt shoulder and left knee and fever since 5 days. USG s/o abscess


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Septic arthiritis . Multiple pyaemic abscess . Needs I n d . Send pus c/s . Start the patient on amoxicillin clavulanic acid and cefotaxime . Adjust as c/s report . Look for signs of septic shock . Add probiotics n multivitamins for faster response . Anti-inflammatory round the clock .

Reports clearly suggest pus around shoulder Not in joint cavity Pus in muscle NEA knee All these indicate pyogenic generalised inf Like septicum neonatorum Left check also have cellulitis like appears So emergency TT in nbcu unde paediatrician is Mandatory

Septic arthritis with pus formation. Ad- incision and drainage f/b pus culture sensitivity and broad spectrum antibiotics covarge. -Joint lavage

As seen these are inflammatory swellings with fever and usg suggesting these are pyogenic arthritis and will need surgical intervention wether incision and drainage either open or arthroscopic

Thanx dr Venya Kumar Sinha

Pyogeic septic arthritis both sites i/ d of abscess pus for c/ s suitable anti biotics antiinflamatory analgesic & rest to the parts

Drainage of abscess Arthrotomy Joint lavage Iv antibiotics Pus culture

I agree

Multi focal osteomyelitis with abscesses. Xray please

Neonatal septicaemiaRt shoulder septic Arthritis and left kneearthritis. Pus culture is requested.

Neonatal Septicaemia, Ac.Osteomyelitis

Emergency I&D of right arm abscess. I&D of the vastus abscess with arthrotomy of left knee and washout. Start empirical antibiotics once culture is taken intraop and continue same till C/S report is available.

Thank you doctor

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