1 month old male child with infantile hemangioma, please discuss line of management.


Mam timolol ointment twice daily works well ,,,and propanolol orally under supervision has good efficacy .

Surgery. embolization prior to surgery.

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Try topical timolol

Avoid trauma. Wait for some period . Hamangioma regresses.

Avoid injury, advised sclerosising agents.

cutaneous haemangioma.. use oral steroid or propanolol.. if hemarragic or damage underline structure ...need surgical removal

start oral propanolol with1-2mg /kg/day .titrate it according to heart rate

hemangioma. propranolol can be tried

strawberry hemangioma... benign.. not need treatment. .resolve after 5-7years of age spontaneously... plastic or pediatric surgeon opinion

beta blockers for 3 months and evaluate if no improvement plan for surgical procedures

under observation ,can regress over a period of time. can use oral steroid or propanolol.

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