1 month young boy brought by parents with complains of watery discharge from umbilicus and mass coming out of the umbilicus picture attached. Looks like a case of umbilical granuloma but size of mass is bigger than usual granuloma. What is your opinion?



Umbilical granuloma. Advised chemical cautery. If recurrence, surgical excision with umbilical or urachus remnants if any

Umbilical granuloma.. chemical cauterization with copper sulfate crystals can be done.. if still does not subside, one can go for surgical exploration and excision..

Umbilical granuloma

Treatment is copper sulphate cautery

U granuloma

Thank you all for your answers. So this is a case of Umbilical granuloma.

Umbilical granuloma Rx Common salt application continuously x 24 hours. May require for more than 24 hours. If no response surgery.


Umbilical adenoma just tie a tight suture at the base it will sloughed out

Common salt

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