1 year male child having this type of rash all over the body, since 1 month. Daignosis? treatment

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Inf eczematous dermatitis / inf scabies?

What is the line of treatment?

Scabies Erythema with pustules seeing primary bacterial infection seen also Rx as per dd

Treatment antihistamine Permite lotion locally. Antibiotics Treatment of family contacts.


? Infected scabies..

This is a scabies disease. And Erythema with primary bacterial infections.. Adv. Rx. cream.permetharin 5% locally used. Syp.. L-Cet Drop.MVT

Eczematus Dermatitis.

Infected Scabies

Atopic Eczema... 0.1% Tacrolimus oinment+ 0.05% Desonide oinment once daily at bedtime

Infantile pustular psoriasis

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