1 year old male child having progressively increasing solitary tumour like structure over the left shoulder which is freely movable non tender well circumscribed non translucent.no lymphadenopathy..no other symptoms associated. pt is otherwise normal. Differentials please


Tumor possibly arising from scapula There is bone destruction in superolateral angle of scapula Chondrosarcoma a possibility MRI evaluation Biopsy confirmation before resection

looks like cystic hygroma

Harmorrhagic cystic hygroma Lipoma Dermoid cyst Haematoma

It's lobulated, Lipoma, advised surgery.

1 . fibroma 2. neurofibroma 3. organised /calcifying haematoma

If it is ass with wry neck it is cong sternomastoid tumor 2.because it is freely movable it is probably above the level muscles so hematoma,lipoma,dermoidcyst are possibilities but my opinion is dermoidcyst cyst because freely movable translucency negative wellcircumscribed in first year of life FNAC may reveal lipoma vs dermoidcyst

cystic hygroma,advised excision with marsupialization


fibrous hamartoma

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