1 yr old boy with high fever fr 10 days. suggest differentials and t/t


Needs detail history n examination findings . Do crp blood c/s urine r/e n c/s widal test . Low hb is probably due to iron deficiency anemia since mcv mch r low and rdw is raised . High tlc n thrombocytosis would love to r/o kawasaki disease . Such high counts definately in favour of bacterial sepsis admit the patient n start broad spectrum iv antibiotics . Adjust according to reports .

PUO Leukocytosis, thrombocytosis anaemia Needs some more investigation Blood culture,urine micro and culture cxr, usg abd, TT DD -- UTI, kochs, meningitis, occult abscess, connective tissue dis

PUO. Insufficient data. Investigate CBC. Urine examination complete and culture. Bl. Culture. Cxr chest. Mx,. Thorough clinical examination. Treatment according to diagnosis. Till then Paracetamol

Lacks detailed history and investigations to arrive at a diagnosis

Send blood and urine culture, urine routine, cxr, usg abdomen, Baby's indices mcv,mchc mch are deranged.....required PBS by good pathologist Give empiric antiibiotics Keep updating the case Sos 2d echo

Check for kawasaki symptoms n signs as i cn see thrombocytosis here as well along with leucocytosis..please give detailed history so that we can localise the infection.. Another thing u should consider doing once child well is do complete work up peripheral smear , serum ferritin and hb electrophoresis as hb and pcv are very low to rule out hemolytic anemias like thalassemia . good luck!

Incomplete Kawasaki and UTI are important consideration Thrombocytosis could be secondary to IDA.

Sir , detailed history would help in suggesting dd and further investigations

Leucocytosis looks bacterial infection.