1 yr old male child with history of: Failure to thrive Cough , resp distress & poor feeding Since birth Findings wt 5kgs Tachycardia, tachpnoea, Chest retractions Grade3 ESM all over precordium Scattered rales over lung fields(>over bases). X-ray &Echo films enclosed. Diagnosis ??



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There is no aortic short axis view with colour flow So it is difficult to spot VSD Surprise with VSD diagnosis by all

It heart failure due to VSD or PDA

VSD with CHF

Echo shows severe aortic stenosis.(congenital) with LA &LV dilatation Child didn’t improve well after balloon valvuloplasty. Looks AVR shall be needed

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Perimembranous VSD

X-ray not posted

Trunkus arteriosus

TR in failure

VSD with ccf

Aorto-pulmonary windo

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