1 yr old Patient expired on 26/5/2018 xray taken few hours before death... died due to respiratory failure... Interpret Xray



X-ray looks WNL. History of aspiration. Viral bronchiolitis may be etiology.

Seems to be a case of pneumothorax. A strip of air over the both domes of diaphragm is seen .

Chest scan NAD.

Pneumothorax as evident from left deep sulcus sign. Bedside USG thorax would have clinched the diagnosis more easily.

XRay chest appears normal. ? Dilated stomach. Aspiration could be the cause of death.

Possibly Pneumothorax- Deep sulcus on left. Also, please hide patient identification from X-ray before posting on public forum Sunil. Confidentiality. Did the child have a CT chest?

I completely agree with you Sir regarding patient confidentially.

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I m completely agree with respect dr prakash jain sir

Pneumothirax rt

Normal X-ray chest


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