10*10 huge painless mass arises from labia dramatically increased in 15 days. 48yrs of female pt otherwise asymptomatic. Possible dx?



A soft tissue tumour. Looks like a sarcoma. F.N.A.C can help in preoperative assessment. .Dr Nihar please do tell us about the final diagnosis after the tumour is operated and sent for histopathology

Definitely sir

It appears like FEMORAL HERNIA. it is more common in females . it slowly increases in size more while standing. most of them are symptomless. they dont cause pain mild discomfott can be there. cause can be ch contipation cough weakness in wall. treatment is surgery repair of abd wall.

I don't think bartholin's cyst could be that big. femoral hernia that big but every thing is possible such a large hernia without any pain or discomfort,not possible. sarcoma to grow so big in 15 days. so why the guesswork just go for surgery and please tell us post operative firm diagnosis. thank you .

well I have incised many bartholin's cyst but never so large a fortnight.bartholis cyst is always filled with pus very gainful , so you can rule that out. how come femoral hernia be so big if it so big in a fortnight what is the content small or large intestine. such big mass of intestine will it not cause some abdominal discomfort or twisting of intestine and gangrene. I have seen many femoral hernia in most cases they are not bigger than the size of plum.

Such a large, painless asymptomatic & gradually increasing swelling could be uninfected Bartholin cyst....Kindly refer the patient to the Gynecologist.

Soft tissue tumour..looks like sarcoma..so huge..less chance to be a bartholin cyst.. Doctor plz inform once she is operated and HP report arrives. thanx.

Yes mam, its liposarcoma

Lipoma Rhabdomyosarcoma Epidermoid Bartholin cyst

Suggestive of infected epidermoid cyst developing an abscess. Excision of the lesion with HP examination to be done to know the details.

soft tissue sarcoma .. Rx: excision and send for HPE..

Bartholin cyst treatment marsuplalization

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