10 Tips To Be A Successful Ayurvedic Doctor: 1- Read more : Every day there are new medical studies , new diseases , new drugs ... etc , if you want to be a successful doctor you should read more everyday, find your answer in samhitas, use yukti pramana if you wanna survive in this era. 2- Humility : Respect others , even if you are excellent people hate conceited physicians , also even if you are excellent young doctors may know what you don't know. 3- Money is not everything : You are an Ayurvedic physician , It is not an ordinary job you are treating with humans. 4- Ambitious : Ambition has no limit and you should renew your ambition to renew your success.as no limit and you should renew your success. 5- Details : Pay attention to details , you may diagnose a case with only one hidden word or sign, remember the adhar bhoot siddhanta of ayurveda. 6- Responsibility : Be responsible in every action you make as we said before it is not an ordinary job, always keep in mind about vyapada while doing any procedures, 7- Communication skills : If you have time you can take a communication skills course , you should deliver good and bad news or advises like pathya-apathya, anupana etc for patients in a right manner. 8- Time management : You should manage your time between your work and your family and yourself , you are not a machine , Enjoy your life. 9- Be Patient : Don't hurry up , If you are good doctor you will be famous and you will success. 10- Marketing : You should search about new ways of medical marketing so people can find you, respect other doctors too, learn from seniors and teach your juniors, you should share your valuable knowledge.



Excellent Post sir

Excellent , well described tips Sir. Thank you.

I think 7 and 10 points is necessary, because I have seen others points in general ayurvedians....

Nice tips, thank you sir

Very helpful post sir

Nice post sir thanku

Dear Dr. Hemant Adhikari, Very nice Tips.

Nice post sir

Well described tips for all the Dr.s . Well post sir.

Good tips,thank you sir

Good. But, I see in Curofy, that several Ayur people recommending Allopathic prescriptions! WHY? This must be 11 point.

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