10 year old boy with h/o fever since 3 days n pinkish itchy rashes all over body except face since 2 days, associated with coryza n mild cough.. Request respected curofians to opine on this case


Viral exanthem/papular urticaria .

Viral exanthemus rash .....most propably MEASELS

Tq sir

Miliaria rubra Need managment as per dd with personal hygiene

VIRAL EXANTHEMATOUS FEVER treat symptomatically Cap aqasol(25000units) bd for 4 days

Viral exanthema /? Measels

Tq madam,, i suspected measles

Viral exanthem

A viral rash.

Viral exanthemus rash..MEASELS.

Viral exanthem

-@Dr. Arunkumar Kumar -viral exanthema

Tq madam
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