10 year old child giving history of 2 weeks...painful swelling behind...pinna...which is soft ,tender,translucent, associated with discharge...which is foul smelling.... can anyone please help...to solve this case..




suggest a preaurucular abscess after a colascent mastoiditis. But translucency is against the finding. If discharge is from ear a cholestatoma has to be considered. If discharge from post auricular region the can suggest a preauricular or mastoid cutaneous fistula. Hearing loss, tuning fork test and CT required. Status of TM required

Looks like Cholestaetoma.

??Mastoiditis with Absess

Can you give us the detail of the swelling

Sud be a case of mastoid abscess in a case of chronic suppurative otitis media Needs incision and drainage with antibiotic coverage followed by regular dressing Also ear Examination under microscope for tympanic membrane status, pus culture and check presence of cholesteatoma. HRCT of mastoids CECT brain if clinically suggestive of intracranial complication. Eeventually mastoid exploration under general anaesthesia.


It is Cholestaetoma with post aural abscess.. needs urgent i and d followed by mastoidectomy

A.c. mastioditis

Please mention that whether the swelling is movable or not, pus is present or not , swelling is hard or soft??

Is it associated with ear discharge?