10 Year old male with mass on superior surface of tongue which increased in size to the present in one year. No pain, difficulty in normal routine activities. Probable Diagnosis and treatment please ...



Lymphangioma D/d arteriovenous malformations Viral infections like hand foot and mouth disease. So check for any lesion in hand and foot or parts of the body. Enquire about the swelling history and how it aggravated and any bleeding history? And also any previous history too.? Confirm with biopsy and plan for surgical treatment and get an opinion from plastic surgeon and oral and maxillofacial surgeon

No lesions in any other part of the body, no bleeding history..

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Lymphangioma Tongue / Any AV malformation Seek opinion of vascular surgeon.

Lymphangioma. Of. Tongue... Usually. occurs. in. First. decade. of. age. group... But. in. adults. it. is. rare.... It. is. because. of. low. velocity. of. Blood ....in. Tongue...... ADVISABLE..... 1. Biopsy 2. COMPLETE. Blood. and. URINE. Exam 3. C T. Angiography. of. Tongue.... Management........ SURGICAL. EXCISION ......if. indicated. .......after. getting. INVESTIGATIONS. reports... .

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Most probably haemangioma or lymphangioma tongue .....I agree with dr.partha sir ....a vascular surgeon should be consulted.....

Ulceroproliferative growth suggestive of ca tongue. Can also be hemangioma. Advice incisional biopsy

No ulcer and bleeding history..

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Neoplasm Multiple tissues ?benign ? Malignant Surgical excision Histopathology Further plan

Since it is an ulceroproliferative lesion and there is no bleeding history, incision biopsy of a representative specimen to be done which concludes the diagnosis and plan for the treatment.

Vascular & lymphatic malformations are not uncommon at this age, but we must keep in mind other possibilities like granuloma & granulomatous lesions and rarely SCC. The best modalities in investigations should be Contrast MRI & HPE of tissue.

Lymphangioma AV malformations Advised biopsy.

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