10 years baby c/o drooping of rt eye lid 10 days no h/ o double vision or pain in rt eye o/ e ptosis preset.rt pupil dialated.4th&,6th nerves normal.mri with contast taken .comment on clinical.mri &management

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There is a cavernous sinus mass rt side not very clear. Not tolosa hunt....that is a painful opthalmoplegia....and here there is no pain hence cannot be tolosa hunt

Central venous thrombosis left side.

Rt ptosis

3rd nerve presentation No headache no opthalmoplegia Eye looks like normal No redness Ruled out all cases if infection, inflammation, thrombosis. It can be Cavernous sinus meningioma , shwanoma 3rd nerve (rare)



Lt eye down and out, pupil dilated in rt or lt? please confirm, most likely lt. oculomotor compression

Acqastic neuroma

Right tolosa hunt syndrome

Final diagnosis not established as she responded well to steroids i am thinking a granulomatous lesion near cavernous sinus

Left CVT

Rt ptosis
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