10 years boy come my clinic persent complain bad breathing in mouth all time oral hygiene is good no any finding..



If the parents are really interested, try this & rule out one by one but not together, and gap of one week : (1) Metronidazole suspension+Chlorhexidine mouth wash twice daily 7days ( to rule out Oral cause) (2) Aristozyme+Digene suspension twice daily 5 days (to rule out Digestive problem) (3) Amoxi-Clav+Brofentol Plus Syrup thrice daily 6days (to rule out Sinusitis, throat & Upper respiratory tract infection) Now conclude & act necessarily.

Bad breath can also be due to systemic factors apart from oral hygiene. Rule out chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, mouth breathing habit, gastric problems. Or refer the patient to physician.

Agree with you, mam.

Dear mam Check if there is any pocket formation as there might be food lodgment present that can cause halitosis ... You can perform organoleptic test to detect the halitois Or suggest the patient to chew any flavoured chewing gum once in a day for 2-3 days as it can provide masking effect Suggest Colgate plax as it reduces the bacterial load in the mouth If still the halitois persist then go for complete subgingival scaling and followed by oral prophylaxis Regards

Moreover advise the patient to drink a lot of water, eat citrus fruits. Tongue cleaning is mostly left out by the patient, so that could be the reason and there can be some gastrointestinal disorders that causes acid reflux which further leads to halitosis. So checking all those possible reasons could help in better diagnosis. Regards :-)

Its multifictorial

It is due to disturbed gastric flora. Give Flora bc..

Refer the patient to ENT/MD medicine doctor to rule out any Sinus /Digestive issue.

Systemic and gastric problem

Prescribed multi vitamins tab/cap .OD

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