10 years old boy with severe oral candidiasis with multiple oral

10 years old boy with Severe oral candidiasis with multiple oral ulcers for last 3 days.....diagnosis n treatment...?No relevant drug history. .



This is a severe case of oral candidiasis. Should be treated with ZOCON50 - 1BD for 5 days and then I OD. BIFILAC cap 1 OD, Beplex Forte 1 daily, Folic acid 5 mg - 1 daily, Methyl prednisolone 4mg 1BD and local application with Metrogyl +Zytee +Tess Gel in 1:1:1 ratio. Must investigate for Antibiotic therapy, Immune status status, worm infestation,food allergy etc. If oral treatment difficult then give I/V.

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dr..r u sure its oral candidiasis? or just coated tongue due to extensive oral ulceration..if oral thrush please take history of antibiotics ,HIV do routine tests...apply zytee..give syp becosoule 5 ml bd ..ten days..nystatin or candid mouth paint local application...oral hygien with chlorhexidine mouth wash..

orally tab. flucanozole as per wt for 5 days, tab metronidazole b complex wid lactobacilia, folic acid, for LA candid mouth paint + metrogyl if anaemic iron syp. rule out kidney disease by lab investigation ie RFT. , a vod systemic steroids , orally oraways buccal paste

This type of lesions are generally seen secondary to some illness common among them are enteric fever, viral fever etc due to immunosuppression. Treat it with oral candid lotion locally with oral Folvite along with treatment of underlying pathology

search for immunosuppresive cause, RBS, HIV, anemia, malignancy. tab flucon 150mg OD for 5 days. cap oraflora OD. candid lotion. hexidine gargle.. with ointment oraways which include local triamcinolone.. and zytee lotion for oral ulcers..

take parents history n siblings history. don't gv steroids only palliative therapy for ulcerations look for habits if any wait with oral candid paint and fluconazole according to weight dont use 150 as at 10 yrs wt will be less

Fulminant oral thrush With cheliitis Candid mouth paint Tab flucanazole bd Dentakind gel before food Multivitamin and antioxidants If does not respond to oral therapy then hospitalization Check his viral markers also.

sir patient has to be screened for viral markers cbp swab for the lesion In ayurveda tab fitobac one tab twice daily or ten days with triphala gandusha and yastimadhu churns local application with ghrta

screen for HIV DM..... tab fluconazole 150 mg bd for 03 weeks.. clotrimazole mouth paint twice in a day.. cap bcomplex od..

oral thrush candid mouth paint+ anabel gel twice in a day ...cap rubralecfort od..tab fluconazol 150 mg of fr 3 weeks

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