10 yr boy presented with abdominal distention, obstipation n on and off bilious vomiting..peri umbilical pain 5days,pt is afebrile, x ray shows multiple fluid levels, can it b a case of NEC?


Intestinal obstruction. Causes could be- Acute Intussusception Malrotation of gut Congenital bands

Small intestinal obstruction.. Differentials could be Intussuception or malrotation...

If no Fever or not in sepsis then NEC unlikely. Workup for Em. Exploratory laparotomy and proceed

Intestinal obstruction. Multiple air fluid level. Needs emergency laparotomy.

Xray findings are gaseous distended loops with multiple fluid levels suggest intestinal obstruction as noted by Dr Parveen.Needs Surgical intervention

Intestinal Obstruction.

Distal ileal obstruction

Midgut obstruction. Ct abdomen with oral contrast. Plan surgery. May not be nec on x Ray as yet

Distal ileal obstruction.

its intestinal obstruction .

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