10 yr old .. Initially started as papular lesions..Left untreated for 10 days thinking it as chicken pox .Was treated with doxy for 2 days by a dermatologist.. What could be this?



Drug reaction,toxic epidermal necrolysis or TEN syndrome vs exfoliative dermatitis


toxic epidermal necrolysis..needs early broad spectrum antibiotics including staph coverage with topical antibiotics. hourly or so saline compresses and good mucosal care (oral and eye).

Infected scabies clear pus Aug 375 mg tds permethrin 10 gm below neck after bath 12 to 15 hr then rebath

crusted scabies . look at the lesion . similar to it

Doxy was given for lesions or something else ?

Doxy was given for initial papular lesions.. Later child went on to develop these lesions within 2 days of doxy

Doxy can cause Acute generalised pustular eruption


crusted scabies

Is there h/o irritant application? It appears to be eczema with secondary infection. Pus for c/s with iv antibiotics. Saline soaks to remove the crust

No topical applications were used

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