10 yrs boy has chronic abdominal pain not releived by any medicine . accor. to USG report what should be line of MX further . should it operate?



Do LFT LIPID PROFILE PBF G6PD ENZYME needs cholecystectomy to prevent future pancreatitis and hepatitis It's sure to do surgical intervention but before that rules out cause I think no role of medication

Since the size of gall stones are very small, the largest being 4mm it can be managed symptomatically with ursodesoxy cholic acid and antispasmodics. Try to evaluate the cause for gall stone formation by appropriate investigations and try to treat the cause. If all the measures fail go for cholecystectomy.

Initially it can be managed conservatorie treatment with ursofesoxy cholic acid and antispasmodic , if it will persist then manage surgically.

Investigate for haemolytic anaemia and pigment stones . Laparoscopic cholecystectomy should be done to prevent complications like gall stone pancreatitis

Evaluation of hemolytic anemia and LFT to be done...It is always better to do prophylactic cholecystectomy in case of hemolytic disease...

Surgery to be done to prevent complications like acute pancreatitis and gall stone itself

As the reports said stones in lumen, it’s dangerous coz it may cause infection,leading to septicaemia,so it should be operated. Otherwise it can be postponed as for as possible.

Cholelithiasis check lft lipase amylase if normal cholecysctomy

Hemolytic anaemia and pigment stones must be out. Investigate further and complete evaluation required. Adv... Cholecystectomy laparoscopic to avoid any complications and eventuality.

Pre operative investigation, Antibiotics, NSAIDS,PPI followed by Cholecystectomy operation

screen for hereditary spherocytosis osmotic fragility test oral chendohlic acid can be trief

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