Patient got short wave diathermy done for pain in knee jt . Got burns ( may b temp high . Pt not diabetic . But wound not healig fast. 2 mths now in the beginning given antibiotics orally 15 days locally 1 mth . Now applying REGEN d oint and. Avene spry .give opinion.


Advised cleaning & debridement, antibiotics & regular dressings. Wounds of knee takes time to heal.
Dr Pushpa Regen D 150 will surely help, But ideally it should be started from day one itself. please keep it in cold chain for maximum efficiency. In this case there is necrosis Slowly remove a little of the borders and daily spray with normal saline and apply Regen D in that space, don't try to remove the whole necrotic skin in one go. Antibiotics should be continued if possible do Pus culture sensitivity. It will heal in 4 weeks
no effect is going to be there just with topical & oral ointment. there is black eschar over wound which needs to be debrided meticulously first ... start I.v antibiotics based on culture & sensitivity..... then go for regular dressing with e.c & betadine.....if availability permits apply vac,....once infection gets controlled go for skin grafting....or flap coverage.
deep 2nd degree iatrogenic burn needs good debridment under L.A higher antibiotic regular aseptic dressing will heal if not,plastic surgery
Debridement and pinch grafts post granulation
Debridement then daily dressing
Post burn non healing wound:-firstly surgical debridment of wound and scrapping of wound edges. daily dressing with normal saline and sodium fusidate ointment locally.meanwhile culture and sensitivity of surgical debris should be obtained. causes of non healing :-1-resistant to antibiotic especially MRSA AND psedomonas infection -2-any systemic infection like tuberculosis ,venous ulcer etc.inj tetanus toroid and tab metrogyl 400mg tds should be given. it will take 2 to 3 weeks to heal.
have u got a culture sensitivity done from the wound.... this looks like eschar and...... just go with antibiotic cover after a culture for bacteria.... .... followed by a graft.... just a rare possibility can b mucormycosis..... extremely rare kindly do a culture or biopsy for mucormycosis.. .. very recently we have seen such thing...
what is this blue colourations is it the ointment. firstly any one who is responsible should be prosecuted. secondly it is over knee jt skin graft should be the desired treatment, if the pt can afford or if can find a good Samaritan.
Patient needs debridement. swab for C&S. Antibiotics as per sensitivity.Regular dressing. Scar after healing may not be healthy due to knee movements. So rotational flap may be better option.
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