10yr(35kg)/F, C/O Dark Pigmentation on neck for last 1mnt. She has no other problem. Dx



Thanks to Everyone... - Pseudoacanthosis(?) Generic H/O Type 2 Dabetes to her Grandfather and her Father... She has High risk of Type 2 Dabetes in future, probably... Thanks

HbA1C has been advised

She is 10y old and wt is 35 kg that suggests obese and over wt darkness on neck is Acanthis nigrans hereditory reasons for diabetes.

10yrs grl & 35kg, isn't Overweight Sir.

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Pseudoacanthosis Nigricans.

Dr partha it's not acanthosis classical, it's pseudoacanthosis very common now a days in children's because of bad habits of junk food

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Pseudoacanthosis Rules out insulin resistance

Mudi-Chood is a strange dermatosis affecting the nape of the neck and upper back of young women

But sir it's papular, dark coloured and mildly itchy. Till date seen only in southern states of India due to their improper cleansing habit of hair after oil applications. Here papules are absent. And probably the patient is from West Bengal.

Pseudoacanthosis nigricans

Acanthosis nigricans

Tinea corporis.?


Acanthosis nigricans

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