10yr old student having painless multiple vascular swellings all over body since childhood. What are the dds & treatment plan.Kindly discuss. Thank you.




@Dr. Digvijay Gadhavi - is it particularly on joint ?


Multiple hemangioma

Multiple neurofibroma

Not having any idea about its management ...... Its Siraj Granthi.... @Dr. Shukla Vikram @Dr. Surbala Badgaiyan @Dr. Udit Kumar Chatriya @Dr. Vikram Dev Singh @Dr. Ganesh Jadhav @Dr. M V Subramanyam @Dr. Aniruddha Lele @Dr. Subhashkumar Bharti @Dr. Sanjay Kumar Mallick @Dr. Md Shahbaz Ali sir Please share your valuable opinion on this case

Dear Dr. Hemant Adhikari, I agree with you. Advice for the patient, Tab. Kanchanar guggulu 2 tds. Tab. Keshor guggulu 2 tds. Tab. Aarogya vardhini ras 1 tds. Rohitakarista 20 ml BD. Swedan karma will also helpful.


Looks like lipoma

These can be correlated with medoraktagranthi.. Jalkumbhi swaras along with kachnar guggul and vridshivatika vati can be given..

Gout n rx is bryonia alb-200 wkly for 1 month

May be lipoma ???

Multiple deep Hemangioma Look for any bone deformities, get X rays May be maffucci syndrome...

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